Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge

5421 Robertson Road
Delta, BC

Built: 1928-1932

The Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge, also known as the George C. Reifel Shooting Lodge, is located on Westham Island at the mouth of the Fraser River, across the north channel from Steveston, within greater Vancouver. The lodge is a two-storey, square [was H shaped but now is square] building with symmetrical massing and a low hipped roof. The exterior walls, including an observation tower and connecting walkway, are finished with log slab siding. The designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Status: Still Standing

Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge - 1992
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Heritage Value

The Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge is a Recognized Federal Heritage Building because of its historical associations, and of its architectural and environmental values.

Historical Value:
The Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge is one of the best examples of a structure associated with wildlife hunting and conservation in Canada. Located in a waterfowl nesting and wintering area, the building is associated with George C. Reifel, an early wildfowl conservationist in western Canada. Reifel used the lodge as a base for feeding and banding wild birds, and for hunting. The creation of the sanctuary with an extensive diking system, has resulted in an area of fields, lagoons, and marshes that were ideal as bird habitats.

Architectural Value:
The Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge is a good example of a semi-rustic shooting lodge influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement. Detailing such as the simulated Tudor Revival half-timbering, the single low eyebrow dormer and the range of natural materials are all associated with the rustic vernacular of the Arts and Crafts movement. The observation tower on the north side is clad with log slab siding and has a widely overhanging roof, and a viewing gallery. On the interior, a few rustic details remain, such as the fieldstone fireplace and board-and-batten treatment of the ceilings on the second floor.

Environmental Value:
The Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge reinforces the character of its location in a waterfowl nesting and wintering area on Wetham Island at the mouth of the Fraser River. Those who have business with the Canadian Wildlife Service are familiar with the lodge and visitors to the neighbouring interpretive centre may glimpse it through the trees.

Character-Defining Elements

The character-defining elements of the Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge should be respected.

Its aesthetic design and good quality materials and craftsmanship such as:

  • the low symmetrical massing, the hip-roof and low dormer with simulated half-timbering.
  • the distinctive observation tower with widely overhanging roof, viewing gallery and cross braced railing.
  • the connecting covered, raised walkway between the Lodge and the tower.
  • the rustic finish of the exterior walls of the Lodge and observation tower, with log slab siding, vertical on the ground floor and horizontal on the second, which shows the influence of te Arts and Crafts Movement.
  • the bay window on the west fašade of the Lodge and the leaded glass windows on the north and south facades.
  • the Lodges original windows with their muntins located towards the perimeter of the sash.

    The manner in which the Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge reinforces the character of Westham Island and its wildlife conservation area setting as evidenced in:

  • its close link to the diking system, the interpretive centre and the surrounding wildlife conservation area.