All Saints Anglican Church

4755 Arthur Drive
Delta, BC

Built: 1881

The church that we see today contains the original structure that was built in 1881.

Status: Still Standing

All Saints Anglican Church - 2020
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The church that we see today contains the original structure that was built in 1881. Up until then the district had been served by the occasional visiting clergyman holding services in the Trenant schoolhouse. Bishop Sillitoe of the Diocese of New Westminster decreed that the area should have a church as the population had grown large enough that the current arrangement would no longer suffice. All Saints Anglican Church was the result, completed in early November 1881, at a total cost of $1147.75 and dedicated on December 18, 1881.

The land on which the church was built had been donated by William H. Ladner. The story goes that he had at first agreed to donate two acres, but reduced the amount, upon realizing that the value of his land would appreciate considerably when the village center developed. At that time he owned all the land on the west side of Chilukthan Slough, one of the reasons why he was familiarly known as the "Squire". And for many years this building was the only structure to be seen south of the river on this side of the slough except for the house and outbuildings of Mr. Ladner

For a long time that situation prevailed. Not until 1904 was a parsonage added at the request of the minister Cannon Hilton. A parish hall was built in 1923 , approximately on the site of where the Boys and Girls Club is now, and was used extensively for parish social activities.

The buildings remained unchanged until the 1960s. A new parsonage, or rectory, was built in 1964, the one that sits south of the church. a fire in 2968 caused considerable damage to the rectory but rebuilding brought only cosmetic changes to the house.

Massive change came later in the 1970s when 47A Avenue, which used to align directly to Arthur Drive, was realigned as we see it now. In 1969 the church had to be moved southward from it's original location and the parish hall was purchased by the then Corporation of Delta and demolished in 1973. The hall's replacement, the modern building to the west of the church, did not come into being until 1978 and was the result of more fundraising by the congregation. Incidently, the hall occupies the space where the Jordan house used to stand.

The 1980s brought more changes. The congregation far outstripped the capacity of the original church and the decision was made to enlarge the church. Some in the community saw what followed as "demolition"; a church spokesman referred to it as "reconstruction". In any event, the original structure was dismantled piece by piece and much of the material was reused. Rafters, scissor trusses, leaded glass windows, furnishings - all were incorporated into the new building. As well, every effort was made to create an exterior that reflected the appearance of the old landmark. First services in this new, reinvigorated landmark were held in May 1985.