Brackman-Ker Granaries

4850 Chisholm Street
Delta, BC

Built: 1904

Directly across the street from the Brackman-Ker Warehouse, the three buildings closet to the corner of Chisholm Street and Georgia Street also belonged to Brackman-Ker, although they were built somewhat later.

Status: 2 of the 3 Buildings Still Exist

Brackman-Ker Granaries - 2011
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Brackman-Ker bought the property from Annie McNeely in 1904 and built three granaries, the smallest of which contained office space. This latter building was replaced in 1965 by a new showroom and office building. These buildings, along with the warehouse across the street, were sold to Buckerfield's around 1966 and continued to be used by the company until some time in the 1980s. After Buckerfield's withdrew from Ladner, the buildings were occupied by several individual businesses including a marine repair business and a bicycle shop.