Harris Barn

4140 Arthur Drive
Delta, BC

Built: circa 1900

The Harris barn is an excellent model of original hay barns in Delta. It's design of wide and high doors provide access for farm wagons with high loads of baled hay.

Status: Still Standing

Harris Barn - Date Unknown
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The Harris Barn was originally owned by Fred Hopcott on his farm on Tilbury Island, located next to the Fraser River. The barn stored hay to be shipped via a nearby dock up the river and into the valley. The late 1930s brought changes to the farm business. Horses were being replaced by tractors and the need for hay and strictly designed hay barns was reduced. In 1940 Norman (Normie) Harris purchased the Hopcott barn and moved it to 5627 Crescent Island Rd. (64th St.) in Delta. The barn was originally built around 1900 according to family. The lumber was milled locally from first growth high quality timber.

The barn was disassembled and reassembled by master carpenters Raymond Lowe and Fred Land with help from the Harris'. The barn was converted for dairy use, housing 32 milk cows, heifers and calves.

To give background on the family, David Harris, grandfather to Normie, arrived in Canada in 1870 and settled in Ontario. In 1899 he and his family arrived in Delta and took up farming on Crescent Island. The Harris family married into the pioneering Burr farm family. Previous councils had the foresight to preserve and relocate the Burr house (Burrvilla) to Deas Island Park as a prime example of early farm lifestyle. The Burr house was built by Raymond Lowe and Fred Land, very active builders of Victorian style quality homes of early Delta. Normie Harris died in 1964 at age 53. The large David Harris clan of six generations flourishes today as part of Delta's farm community.

In 2012 the Harris Barn was disassembled again and reassembled in its present location on Arthur Drive.