Ladner United Church

4960 48 Avenue
Delta, BC

Built: 1893

The Ladner United Church was built in 1893. It was not the United Church then but rather St. Andrew's Presbyterian.

Status: Still Standing

Ladner Baptist Church - 1955
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As with all other denominations, the Presbyterians had to raise the money for the church themselves. Concerts, strawberry socials and all other manner of public fundraisers were held both before and after construction was complete.

Prior to the church being built, services had been held in the Town Hall on Elliot Street. An arrangement had been made with the Methodists to alternate services on Sunday.

The church building was later raised in 1922 to allow for the construction of a basement. The basement became the Church Hall which accommodated social and recreational activities for many years until a separate church hall was built in 1938. In the 1970s, after the education building to the west added, the church was returned to its original level.

When the union between the Presbyterian and Methodists occurred in 1925, this church was chosen for the congregation, because it was larger than the Methodist Church situated at the corner of Delta Street and 48th Avenue where the Post Office is now.

The Presbyterian manse, or minister's home, was built in 1902 next door to the church. It was a large, attractive structure that faced Laidlaw Street. At union, the manse was also transferred to the use of the United congregation. The manse continued in use until 1963 when it was moved over to be adjacent to the church hall and used for Sunday School classrooms. A new manse, a modern single-storey building, was built on the site of the first, but it faced 47A Avenue (then Stanley Street) instead.

The original manse-turned-into-Sunday-School continued in service until 1973 when t was torn down. A new Christian Education building had been erected the previous year.

The church building we see today is the combination of old and new. The original church lies along Laidlaw Street; the part to the west along 48th Avenue is the modern addition now called the celebration hall.