Photo Gallery

Delta Hotel, built in 1886, and the first McNeely Store - circa 1886
They were located at the corner of Chisholm and Elliott Streets. The McNeely store was the first general store in Ladner and also housed the post office.

McKee Brothers' Delta Meat Market on Chisholm Street with the Brackman-Ker warehouse in the background - circa 1894

Flooded Delta Street - January 1895
Taken at the north end of Delta street looking south

The first Delta Municipal Hall - circa 1895
It was built in 1894 at the foot of Elliott Street at the wharf and was used until 1912 when council moved into the impressive new Municipal Hall on Delta Street in 1913

Ladner Waterfront - circa 1900
Showing the McKee Brothers' Delta Meat Market on Chisholm Street with the Delta Hotel behind it and the Marshall Smith store across the street

Ladner Hotel - circa 1900
Built in 1889-90, it was originally called the Central House and was located at the northeast corner of Westham Street (48th Avenue) and Delta Street

Marshall Smith Store - circa 1907
This building, built in 1891, was Thomas McNeely's second store before it became the Marshall Smith & Co Store

Smith and Stokes Butcher Shop on Westham Street (48th Avenue) - circa 1908

Ladner Trunk Road looking west towards Westham Street (48th Avenue) - circa 1910
Intersection of Ladner Trunk Road, Westham Street, Slough Road (Arthur Drive) to the left, and Elliot Street to the right

The expanded Delta Hotel - circa 1912

Delta Street - circa 1914
Taken from the second floor of the Lanning, Fawcett, and Wilson store on Chisholm Street. McCrea's Pool Hall is on the left and the IOOF building is on the right

South side of Westham Street (48th Avenue) east of Delta Street - 1915
Some of the businesses shown are W. Taylor - Blacksmith with S.W. Walter's
The White Store next door to the left