Photo Gallery

Arbour Day celebrations at the first Ladner Public School - circa 1895
The one-room school, located at 4840 48th Avenue, was built in 1893
and was enlarged a few years later

The first Ladner Public School - 1897
The photograph is composed of two images: the expanded Ladner public School and teachers and students standing at the front entrance of the schoolhouse

The second Ladner Public School - 1910s
Built circa 1900, this four-room school, located and the southwest corner of 48th
Avenue and 48B Street, replaced the first Ladner Public School

The Trenant School aka the Crescent Island School - 1932

King George V High School - circa 1914
Built in 1912, the school was located roughly in between where the Ladner Community Centre and the Boys and Girls Club are located now and faced 48th Avenue

Delta Central School - circa 1928
Built in 1926 on 51st Street, it became the elementary, junior, and senior high
school in 1938 replacing all the other schools in Ladner

The first Boundary Bay School - circa 1905
Built circa 1886, the school was located on 12th Avenue near Beach Grove Road

The second Boundary Bay School - circa 1915
The school was located at the corner of 56th Street and 16th Avenue

The first Annieville School - 1950s

The first Sunbury Public School - 1930s
The school was located at 9704 River Road and most of the students were of
Finnish or Japanese origin