James Brunton Jr Residence

5033 47th Avenue
Delta, BC

Built: 1940

The James Brunton, junior, residence is a modest home, what we would think of now as small or even tiny, and it is apparent that this home has been very well looked after by its owners.

Status: Still Standing

James Brunton Jr Residence - 2020
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This lot and the one next door to the west, which were original part of the William Ladner estate, were bought from the Huff family by a man named Elsworth Mustard, who is the years of the First World War was a blacksmith in Ladner in partnership with William Symington. In 1922, he and his wife, Sarah Jane, moved to Premier, BC where he worked as a blacksmith in one of the mines.

James Brunton, junior, who was a builder, bought the lot from Mustard in 1940 and put up this house later that same year. It remains as it was: two bedrooms plus a nursery or sewing room upstairs with a living room, kitchen and bathroom downstairs. It started out being lived in by renters and has held up very well over the years. The first people to occupy this house were Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Miller and their son. Miller was manager for Royal City Canners here. In 1953 the Baptist Church around the corner bought the house to serve as a parsonage.