Rupert Fisher Residence

3865 72nd Street
Delta, BC

Built: 1921

The Rupert Fisher Residence is a prominent, one and one-half storey plus basement, wood-frame Craftsman style residence, located within a rural, agricultural context.

Status: Still Standing

Rupert Fisher Residence - 2004
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Heritage Value

The Rupert Fisher Residence is of heritage value as an intact example of an historic Delta farmstead, and as a reminder of Delta's important agricultural past.

The Rupert Fisher Residence is also valued for its association with early Delta pioneers. Alex and Rupert Fisher came to Delta in 1902, and worked on Henry Dean Benson's farm. In 1907, the brothers purchased pieces of farm land along 72 Street from Benson. Alex Fisher and his wife, Fanny, lived in a house farther south on the same street, and Rupert lived with them until he built this house in 1921.

Built in 1921, the Rupert Fisher Residence is valued as a handsome and restrained example of a Craftsman bungalow, which was the most popular housing style of the early twentieth century. The Craftsman style was typified by rational space planning, the use of natural materials and a mix of traditional design elements inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.

Character-Defining Elements

Key elements that define the heritage character of the Rupert Fisher Residence include its:

  • setting within a rural context, in an area of similar farmsteads
  • residential form, scale and massing expressed by its one and one-half storey plus basement height and rectangular floor plan
  • broad, side-gabled roof with broken pitch and central shed dormers
  • wood-frame construction with concrete foundation
  • Craftsman style details such as: cedar shingle siding in gabled ends and at foundation level; large triangular eave brackets; open eaves; and pointed bargeboards
  • additional exterior features, such as: lapped siding with cornerboards; full width, open front verandah; and exterior and interior brick chimneys
  • irregular fenestration, such as: multi-paned casement dormer windows; double-hung 6-over-1 wooden-sash windows with horns; triple-assembly casement window with transom; and piano window beside the front doorway