William and Sarah Frederick Residence

4633 Arthur Drive
Delta, BC

Built: 1920

This house was built in 1920 J. B. Elliot as a retirement residence for William and Sarah Frederick.

Status: Still Standing

Frederick Residence - 2020
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This house can be considered the best example in Ladner of a style called "California Bungalow", an extension of the Craftsman style. Michael Kluckner and John Atkin define these as "simple, low houses with low-pitched roofs, solid porch posts, broad front porches, and an open-plan living area". A similar house, less well known, was at 4644 51st street, almost directly in a line behind this property, but was torn down and two houses were built in its place.

Since the home was built for the reirement of the Fredericks, it is not surprising it is relatively small. The main floor consisted of a kitchen, dining room, living room, and two bedrooms, with a full basement below. The house has been well maintained by its owners over the years, so that the dark wood panelling in the dining room is still magnificent. Few structural alterations have been carried out, with the exception of the addition of a great room and a guest suite at the back.

William Frederick had originally been an engineer in Ontario, then a farmer on Goudy Road, now 64th Street, prior to moving into the house. Upon Sarah's death in 1933, he made his home with one or another of his children until his own death in 1953. In late 1935 Jean Hutchinson, who had come to Ladner with her two daughters in 1915 to teach at Ladner Elementary School, bought the house. As Mrs. Hutchison was a hobby gardener, it is most likely that she was responsible for the complimentary landscaping that frames this attractive home.

After Jean Hutchinson retired from teaching she entered the field of life insurance and also enjoyed a colourful career of several years as a trustee on the Delta School Board. After her death in 1975, several owner had possession of the house before it was purchased by Grant and Christine Wright in 1987.