Francis and Beatrice Guichon Farm

3020 41B Street
Delta, BC

Built: 1921-1922

The Francis and Beatrice Guichon Residence is a one and one-half storey plus basement wood-frame Craftsman style bungalow, recognizable for its elaborately detailed porte-cochere and prominent chimneys. The associated Guichon Barn is a large rectangular plan structure with a saltbox roof. The property is set on productive agricultural land on the Roberts Bank Back-Up Lands, and is accessed by a private road off 41B Street.

Status: Still Exists

Guichon Residence - 2004
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Heritage Value

The Francis and Beatrice Guichon Residence and Barn site is of heritage value as an example of an historic Delta farmstead and a representation of Delta's agricultural origins. The site contains both an early twentieth century house and barn amidst a relatively unspoiled rural, agricultural landscape, visually separated from modern housing and industrial development.

Furthermore, this site is valued for its associations with the Guichon family, who were early Delta pioneers. This farm was originally part of the massive land holdings of Laurent Guichon, and after his death the land was farmed in common by his many sons. This site passed through his estate to his son, Francis Guichon, who built this house for himself and his wife, Beatrice, whom he had married in 1906. The comfortable nature of this house and its sophisticated architecture represent the comfortable lifestyle and financial success of the Guichons.

Built in 1921-22, the Guichon Residence is additionally valued as an exceptional example of a Craftsman style residence. The house is a sophisticated bungalow design, notable for its porte-cochere with elaborate timber detailing and its tapered chimneys. The Craftsman style was the most popular influence on housing during the early twentieth century, and was typified by rational space planning, the use of natural materials and a mix of traditional design elements inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. Although sophisticated Craftsman styles houses are typically found in the urban environment, this example is noteworthy due to its isolated farmstead context.

Character-Defining Elements

Key elements that define the heritage character of the Guichon Residence and Barn include their:

  • isolated setting amidst rural agricultural land on the Roberts Bank Back-Up Lands, located at a substantial distance from 41B Street via its own access road
  • continued use as an agricultural site
  • associated landscape features, such as front and side yard garden setting of house, surrounding fields and original garage with jerkin-headed roof

    Guichon Residence

  • residential form, scale and massing as expressed by its one and one-half storey (plus above ground basement) height and rectangular plan
  • front jerkin-headed roof, with paired gabled wall dormers on the west elevation
  • three tapered clinker brick chimneys (one external, two internal)
  • wood-frame construction, with later shakes over original cedar shingle siding
  • Craftsman style details such as: triangular eave brackets; battered verandah piers with four short, square bracketed columns; porte-cochere of elaborate timber construction; and glazed front door
  • irregular and asymmetrical fenestration: bank of attic casement windows in front gable; leaded, patterned upper sash windows over single light on the side elevations; small, square, leaded windows on each side of front external chimney; front entrance sidelights; and double-hung 8-over-1 and 1-over-1 wooden-sash windows

    Guichon Barn

  • agricultural form, scale and massing of the barn as expressed by its saltbox roof and rectangular plan
  • single interior volume
  • heavy timber frame structure with board-and-batten siding