Laurent and Peronne Guichon Residence

4260 River Road West
Delta, BC

Built: 1889-90

The Laurent and Peronne Guichon residence was built in 1889-90 in Port Guichon.

Status: Still Standing

Guichon Residence - Date Unknown
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Subsequent history of the house has been put together by Lorraine McKinnon, as follows: The house built for Laurent Guichon and family was lived in by their son Victor and family from 1921 to 1952, followed by Victor's son Raymond and his family from 1952 to 1964. In 1964 the house was sold to E. Suttle who sold the house to Keith and Dixie Cutler in 1966. Lawrence Guichon and family (Lawrence being Raymond's son, and Laurent and Peronne's great grandson) purchased the home in 1989. Lawrence restored the original part of the house and built an addition on the back.