Frank and Gertrude Handford Residence

5038 47A Avenue
Delta, BC

Built: 1912

The Handford house's completion in 1912 was reported in the local newspaper, which also stated that the "house which is of two storeys and a basement is being put up by James Leonard of Ladner." Leonard, who lived on G. B. Main Road (now 41B Street), built many homes and other buildings in Ladner. although his reputation has been eclipsed by that of his competitor, J. B. Elliot.

Status: Still Standing

Handford Residence - 2021
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R. L. Handford, known as "Frank" for some reason, was a man of various careers. he had owned farmland in East Delta prior to World War I, probably on the Smith Road. In this period he was also one of the "poundkeepers" for the municipality as well as the "road and dog tax collector." After the family moved into the village, Handford appears to have gone into the business of buying and selling horses. This may explain how he came to be the proprietor of a livery stable in 1918.

At some time between 1919 and 1922 this property was transferred to his wife, Gertrude. She died in December 1927, leaving behind four children. One son had been killed in World War I. Since Mrs. Handford died without a wil, the estate eventually ended up in the hands of the Public Administrator. In settlement of the estate the house was sold to provide for those children who were still minors. In 1929 it was purchased by Mrs. J Jordan who immediately rented it to Mr. and Mrs. Wolf and family. The house continued to be occupied by various tenants until the Fergusons bought it in the 1940s. The stucco, of course, is not original, but, as in other cases where it has been added, no one has claimed responsibility.

From 1989 this house was occupied by Fraser Interior Sales Ltd., later Heritage House Interiors. The house was once again became a family residence after the business moved to 48th Avenue in 1995.