William and Mary Ladner Residence

~4645 51st Street
Delta, BC

Built: 1882

William and Mary Ladner's third house was located on 51st Street, which was called Hotham Street then, just south of where the Ladner Pioneer Library is today. A commemorative plaque marks the spot.

Status: Destroyed by Fire in 1980

Ladner Residence - 1950
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Although the house is associated more usually with Paul Ladner, it had been built for his parents in May 1882, and burned down almost a century later. This was William and Mary Ladner's third house, the first two having been built closer to the Fraser River.

Arson by vandals was suspected as the house had been vacant at the time. Although it had been described by the Delta Heritage Advisory Committee as "the most significant heritage building in the community' at the time, its age and importance did not prevent its demise in 1980. That year was particularly fateful for heritage homes in Ladner for the other Ladner family home, located at the corner of 47A Avenue and 51st Street, had fallen several months earlier.

This house had been built by the legendary Ladner builder, J. B. Elliott, and his partner at the time, Robert Wintemute. The home was so well constructed that the replacement of the cedar shingles on the south wall after 51 years of service was considered a newsworthy event.

On the farm surrounding the house Paul Ladner had planted an orchard of pear trees and holly. He sold the holly locally as well as exporting it to the rest of Canada and beyond, an enterprise which his widow, Winnifred, carried on for years after his death in 1944.