Anton and Mathilda Lindseth Residence

4449 Arthur Drive
Delta, BC

Built: 1913

The Lindseth home, although somewhat altered from the original has been, according to family descendants, standing since 1908. Tax records, however, suggest the date is more likely 1913. The original house was structurally altered in the 1940s by enclosing the verandah that had extended across the front of the house thereby increasing the size of the living room and dining room.

Status: Still Standing

Lindseth Residence - 2009
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There is no doubt that the house was built for Anton Lindseth and his family. A former shoemaker, Lindseth came to British Columbia from Norway in 1889, to farm near Aldergrove, having married Mathilda Schelin. a widow with two children, that same year. From there the Lindseths moved to a farm on the G. B. Road, now 41B Street, sometime after 1901. It may be that the family moved to this farm farm property in 1908, which is quite possible, since the 1901 Canadian census records them as still being in the Fraser Valley.

In any event, it was in this house on Arthur Drive that the Lindseths' youngest daughter, Esther, was married in October 1917 to John Kirkland, grandson of John and Letitia Kirkland who settled in Delta in 1874. Anton and Mathilda lived here until 1937 when they sold to Dr. Gerald Dunn. Thereafter they made their home with Esther and John Kirkland at what had been the Lindseth farm originally on 41B Street, referred to above.

The original lot on which this house sirs had extended further south, and on the property immediately south we can see exidence of the gardening expertise of Dr. Gunn. Tenants occupied the house for many of the years during which Dr. Dunn owed it. The property was subdivided around 1958 and in that same year Lloyd and Pat Kirkland moved into this house to raise their family of seven children. Pat Kirkland continued to live here until at least the mid 1990s.