Charles and Annie Lord Residence

4880 48th Avenue
Delta, BC

Built: 1889-90

One of the oldest surviving houses in Delta and probably the oldest in the village of Ladner.

Status: Still Standing

Lord Residence - 2009
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Building began in the fall of 1889 but a freak of nature intervened. In November 1889 a Vancouver newspaper reported a severe windstorm "blowing down the frame of C. Lord's new house." No doubt this was only a temporary setback and the house was probably completed in December 1889 or early 1890. The east wing, which has the appearance of an addition, has been verified as being part of the original structure.

Charles Lord, like his brother Frank, was an American and involved in the fish cannery business. Both Lords were married in 1884 to daughters of pioneer settlers: Frank to May Ladner, daughter of Thomas and Edna Ladner, in July and Charles to Annie Parmiter, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Parmiter, in October. Charles and Annie had seven children but their descendants have all made their homes elsewhere. Charles Lord eventually rose to the position of manager and he was at times in charge of a cannery outside of Delta including one in Washington State and one up the coast of British Columbia on the Skeena River. Charles died of an accidental death on May 10, 1911.

The year following his death, his widow, Annie. and children moved to Victoria. The daughters, Leila and Evelyn, who had been at the telephone exchange in Ladner, and Florence, who had worked for Alfred DeRupe Taylor at the post office, frequently visited Ladner over the years.

For two decades after the Lord family departed, the house was let to tenants with H. N. Rich handling such arrangements. Many of these tenancies were only temporary while the respective family looked for a house to buy or waited while their own home was being built. Sometimes, however, employees who had been posted to Ladner, such as those of the banks, stayed for several years. One of these was James Grisdale, manager of the Royal Bank, who moved in the house in 1914.

After Annie Lord died in 1932, the property was inherited by one of her descendants , who subsequently sold the house. Various other owners of the house included Alfred W. Dennis, who acquired it in 1944, and Louis and Dorothy Holmes, who owned it in the 1950s. Martin and Grace Vis bought it at two different times in the 1960s and 1970s.

Unfortunately, the house had begun to deteriorate over the years and it was not until Fraser and Shirley Doucette took it over in 1992 that its fate improved. The Doudettes enthusiastically set out restoring this old home, making it one of the most strikingly attractive heritage homes in Ladner. The Coucettes should be proud of what they have accomplished!

The original lot has been subdivided to create a rather long lot on the corner.