Frederick and Mary Ottewell Residence

4605 Arthur Drive
Delta, BC

Built: 1915

The large cedar hedge prevents us from an unobstructed view of the Ottewell house but what is visible is most appealing.

Status: Still Standing

Ottewell Residence - 2005
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Frederick Ottewell was one of the early veterinarians in the Delta area, having arrived in 1912 to set up practice. He and his wife, Mary, and three children lived first on Westham Street (now 48th Avenue) before having this larger home built. There is no information on record on the builder, but the fact that the house is another Craftsman suggests that it may have been the work of J. B. Elliot. The date of construction was 1915, the same time as the Wilson house next door to the south. A large addition was added to the north side of the house in 2007.

The original house is typical of many houses of that era, being three storeys with a porch. Ottewell ran his veterinary practice out of the family home, an activity that modern day would no doubt discourage.

The Ottewells remained here until 1938, at which time they rented it to Wilfred Kelly, who had been appointed principal of the new Delta Junior-Senior High School. They themselves moved to a new home at the southwest corner of Garry Street and 47A Avenue. It appears that they continued to own and rent out this house until 1945, when it was sold following Dr. Ottewell's death. A barber named Egidius Wientjes bought the house and operated a shop here for the next twenty years, attending to customers in the front room of the main floor. The Wientjes, after selling the house to Douglas and Bernice Willistonin 1963, moved to Penticton for their retirement years. Credit for the attractive landscaping belongs to Mrs. Williston, a retired florist.