Original Street Names

East Delta
Current Street NameOriginal Street NameLocation
44th AvenueCharlton RoadEast of 104th Street
52nd AvenueHolmes RoadEast of 64th Street
59th AvenueLaw RoadEast of 104th Street
72nd StreetBenson Road
80th StreetTasker Road
88th StreetSmith Road
96th StreetMatthew Road
104th StreetKittson RoadNorth of Ladner Trunk Road
104th StreetEmbree RoadSouth of Ladner Trunk Road
112th StreetOliver Road

Current Street NameOriginal Street NameLocation
Arthur DriveSlough Road
Kettles RoadBailey Road, Bates Road
Ladner Trunk RoadSemiahmoo Road
River Road WestCanoe Pass RoadWest of the Westham Island Bridge
River Road WestWestham RoadFrom Ladner Village to the Westham Island Bridge
27B AvenueDavis Roadwest of 41B Street
28th AvenueFarrell RoadEast of 56th Street
30th AvenueSkinner RoadEast of 64th Street
34B AvenueParimter RoadEast of Arthur Drive
36th AvenueFisher RoadEast of 64th Street
36th AvenueNelson RoadWest of Arthur Drive
40th StreetWellington Road
41B StreetG. B. Main Road
44th AvenueHutcherson Road
45th AvenueKing Edward Street
46A StreetFairview Road
47th AvenueVictoria Street
47A AvenueStanley street
47A StreetBaxter Road
48th AvenueWestham Street
48B StreetOntario Street
51st StreetHotham Street
52nd AvenueWalnut Avenue
52A StreetLaburnum Road
53rd StreetMaple StreetNorth of 45th Avenue
53rd StreetBoundary Bay Road28th Avenue to Arthur Drive
54A StreetSycamore Street
55B StreetChestnut Street
57th StreetGreen Road
57B StreetVictory RoadFrom 28th to 34B Avenues
60th AvenueVasey RoadCrescent Island
60B StreetHawthorne Road
62nd StreetHolly Road
64th StreetCrescent Island RoadNorth of Ladner Trunk Road
64th StreetGoudy RoadSouth of Ladner Trunk Road

North Delta
Current Street NameOriginal Street NameLocation
64th AvenuePeck RoadWest of Scott Road
72nd AvenueHeath Road, Newton Road
75A AvenueChalmers Road
80th AvenueGray Road
81A AvenuePatrick Road
82nd AvenueSands Road
84th AvenueRichardson Road
86th AvenueHellings Road
88th AvenueBailey Road
90th AvenueGibson Road
92nd AvenueHorel Road
94th AvenueFalk RoadEast of the BCHR
95th AvenueCook RoadEat of the BCHR
95A AvenueCameron RoadEast of the BCHR
96th AvenueTownline Road
112th StreetPark RoadNorth of 90th Avenue
112th StreetOliver RoadSouth of 90th Avenue
115th StreetMcCloskey RoadNorth of 72nd Avenue
115th StreetPratt RoadSouth of 72nd Avenue
116th StreetMillar Road
117th StreetHilton Road
118th StreetJarvis Road
119th StreetWilson Road
120th StreetScott Road

Current Street NameOriginal Street NameLocation
Centennial ParkwayHoffmeister Avenue
Springs BoulevardBrandrith Road
Tsawwassen Beach RoadGulfview Road
Tudor CourtStonemoss Court
1st AvenueSummer Avenue
2nd AvenueAutumn AvenueEast of English Bluff Road
3rd AvenueGunn RoadEast of Boundary Bay Road
4th AvenueRawlins Road
6th AvenueAllen Road
8th AvenueCemetery RoadEast of 56th Street
12th AvenueBoundary Bay RoadEast of 56th Street
12th AvenueRaitt RoadWest of 56th Street
16th AvenueHerd RoadEast of 56th Street
16th AvenueDennis RoadWest of 56th Street
28th AvenueBoundary Bay RoadBetween 53rd and 56th Streets
52nd StreetImperial RoadNorth of 12th Avenue
56th StreetBoundary Bay RoadNorth of 12th Avenue
56th StreetPoint Roberts RoadSouth of 12th Avenue
65B StreetJordan Road
66A StreetCammidge Avenue
67A StreetAlexander Avenue