St Mungo Cannery

10000 block of River Road
Delta, BC

Built: 1899

Status: Demolished

St Mungo Cannery - 1983
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The St. Mungo Cannery opened in 1899 and was operated by the St. Mungo Fish Processing Company (investors were from Glasgow, Scotland). The company operated under the St. Mungo Fish Packing Company until 1921. In 1929 the company was dissolved. The cannery reopened in 1931, run by Sunbury Packers. In 1933 Richard and Norman Nelson of Nelson Brothers Fisheries purchased the cannery. They specialized in canning and canning salmon and herring. During the 1940's the company was bought into by the British Columbia Packers Limited. The cannery was used for fish processing until 1957, after which it was only used for net storage. In 1972 the company was incorporated into B.C. Packers. In 1981 the land was sold to the Provincial Ministry of Highways.