Henry Bishop Cottages

4316-4356 Arthur Drive
Delta, BC

Built: 1926+

Henry Bishop built 5 houses, referred to generally as "cottages", south of his own home on Arthur Drive. All five are strikingly similar in design but not so much so as to be considered carbon copies.

Status: 4 of the 5 are still standing

Bishop Cottages - 2004
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Henry Bishop built all of these houses, one after the other, beginning in 1926 and either rented them out or sold them. The surviving cottages are located at 4316, 4328, 4338, and 4356 Arthur Drive. the one at 4348 was replaced with a new home in 2002.

It is obvious that the surviving cottages have been cared for by owners who have made the best of each home's architectural simplicity. In other words, these cottages, built in a row by Bishop, are appealing to the eye and look right for the street and surroundings.