William and Edna Kirkland Residence

4140 Arthur Drive
Delta, BC

Built: 1911

In 1910 William Kirkland commissioned Ladner architect J.B . Elliot to build him a large Edwardian-style home on the family farm. Construction on what would be named 'Hawthorne Grove' began in that year and was completed in the fall of 1911.

Status: Still Standing

Alasken-Reifel Shooting Lodge - 1992
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The pioneer Kirkland family was prominent in the political and social life of Delta and resided in the house until the late 1940s. In 1949, Mr. Claire Haynes purchased the home and farmed the 280 acres until the mid-1950s. Then followed a series of house renters and the farm buildings were abandoned.

By 1975, Genstar Corporation had acquired the property and when the last renter left in the early 1980s, only the farm fields were used. Brush, weeds and vandalism soon left their imprint on the site. Genstar applied for a demolition permit and in response to this a small group of volunteers took on the task of restoration. Study indicated that the house was structurally sound and so the Kirkland House Foundation of volunteers was formed in 1992. Vital repairs were first made to the slough bridge and the house roof was replaced. After that, the ongoing work on house, buildings and grounds has been dependent on an increasing number of volunteers.

In 2004, Delta did a no-cost land exchange with Genstar and the whole site now proudly sits in a Delta public park. The Kirkland House Foundation of volunteers is the licensee of the park and all money and donations are poured back into improving the park.